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Per each category on The Business Tree™

1. The Business You're In

  • Crystallize for management what business the organization is actually in, versus what it may have started out to be.
  • Facilitate management to understand-interpret customer wants-needs, how to deliver the product-service and realize efficiencies of operation.
  • Analyze and recommend growth strategies, including adding or deleting business units, going public, merging or diversification.

  • 2. Running the Business

  • Conduct independent studies to optimize the company's efficiency potential, capitalize upon strengths (uncovering hidden ones), excel in the marketplace, reduce internal costs and plan for orderly, sustained growth.
  • Facilitate writing of departmental plans to accomplish objectives in rapid time.
  • Establish viable benchmarks for success.

  • 3. Financial

  • Help management put financial aspects into focus with all other company dynamics.
  • Work with financial professionals to incorporate other company aspects into their planning and operations.
  • Write and produce corporate Annual Reports.

  • 4. People

  • Analyze human dynamics from a Corporate Strategist™ viewpoint, helping management to optimize talents for overall company growth.
  • Facilitate executive development and leadership programs, in such a way as to unify company Vision and strategies.
  • Facilitation of the management team toward their own problem resolution.
  • Establish philosophies and policies to empower the company to excel at team building, training and quality initiatives (rather than to perpetuate the process of niche consultants-vendors conducting activities in a vacuum).
  • Review consultants who provide services in this category (organizational development, training, mentors, human resources).

  • 5. Business Development

  • Analysis of existing marketing strategies, so that resources may be spent more efficiently.
  • Consult the company on perceptions vs. realities, strategies vs. techniques, tactical modifications vs. promotional campaigns.
  • Review consultants who provide services in this category (corporate communications, marketing, public relations, advertising).
  • Consultation in customer relationship management.

  • 6. Body of Knowledge

  • Research and consultation with management on external forces affecting company growth...mostly outside their control but which can limit business opportunities. These include regulators, governmental entities, communities and threatening socio-economic situations.
  • Counsel management to gain new insight about the future of business, viabilities for change management, emerging issues and next steps.
  • Create crisis management and preparedness programs.
  • Help clients to build strategic business alliances.

  • 7. The Big Picture

  • Facilitate the process of building a clear, cohesive, operational Vision for the company.
  • Conceptualizing a specific action plan in which all levels of the organization will support.
  • Facilitating programs where progress is measured and maintained.
  • Working with clients to take concepts (quality management, ethics, outside-the-box thinking) out of the esoteric and into profitable operation for the organization.
  • Recommending new ideas and business practices which surpass the niches of consultants, which will give the company a competitive edge and staying power.