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Major Speaking Topic:

The Business Tree™, analyzing the 7 parts-components of a successful company,

• Understanding how each interplays and the role which Visioning and Strategic Planning play with each branch (business unit).

• 7 stages in the evolution of a business. This section subtitled The Path from Pleasure to Success.

• Leadership development, mentoring and creative ways of retreading old knowledge to enable executives to master change, rather than feel as they're victims of it. This section subtitled The Learning Tree™.

Target Audiences:

1. Senior executives who have innovated through the years...offering fresh approaches to old lessons and original knowledge to master the balance of their careers.

2. Rising stars, mid-management execs, entrepreneurs...insights into The Big Picture, inter-relationship of business functions, seasoning to become a top executive and creative approaches to staying at the top.

Expanded Version Available. Modules can be combined for an Executive Think Tank (one or two days):

Hank Moore's presentations are best suited to day-long workshops with top corporate executives. These may include national manager annual retreats, Visioning conferences, board of directors development and strategic planning processes.

The expanded version, Executive Think Tank, includes such other modules as:

Everything I Learned About Business, I Learned on Saturday Mornings.

Values and Ethics with a Pop Culture Spin.

The High Cost of Doing Nothing™, why good companies go bad.

It's Almost Tomorrow. Capturing-building a shared Vision for your company. Putting quality, empowerment, crisis management and other concepts into practice.

Secrets of the CEOs, case studies of failure and success.

Trees in the Forest™. Front-burner issues affecting the climate and opportunities in which corporate executives function. Stimulating "outside-the-box" thinking. Building coalitions. Distinguishing your company from the pack.

The Organization Tree™. Grooming Emerging Executives, The New International Workplace, Multicultural Diversity, Team Building, Executive Development, How to Turn Every Member of Your Company into a Profit Center, Corporate Imaging.