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presented by Hank Moore
(keynote and day-long Think Tank formats)

The Big Picture of Futurism--
Organizational Transformation

Need for more strategic thinking and planning

Thinking Big Picture (rather than micro-process-task).
Being who you are (not what you do).
Front-burner issues affecting the climate and opportunities in which business is conducted.
High costs associated with refusing to change or putting the wrong emphasis on Futurism.

Positioning an organization via Visioning

Building a true corporate culture, distinguishing your organization from others.

Positioning oneself as a visionary executive within the organization

Leadership development, mentoring and creative ways of retreading old knowledge to enable executives to master change, rather than feel as they're victims of it.

Creating teamwork, both inside and outside the organization

Expectations, collaborations, empowerment and accountability issues.

Futurism--Organizational Transformation

Definitions of Futurism. Capturing-building a shared Vision for the next 10+ years.

Capitalizing upon change

The Search for Truths in Your Business.
People's pre-occupation with each part, losing sight of the whole to which it belongs.
Responding to markets, customer orientation, development of new marketplaces.

Decisions made based upon partial information

Costs of acting too hastily. Costs of moving too slowly.
Working Styles. Knowing how and when you do your best work.

The Big Picture of Futurism

7 Ingredients of Futurism, 7 Conditions for Futurism to Be Successfully Applied to Your Big Picture, 7 Requirements for Futurism to Succeed, 7 Reasons Why Futurism is Misunderstood, 7 Levels of Futurist, 7 Levels of Futurism, 7 Roles Which the Past Plays in Creating the Future.
7 Levels of Choices, 7 Levels of Change, 7 Steps Toward Mastering Change, 7 Levels of Quality.

Styles and Approaches to Futurism: Low-Power, Entrepreneur, Innovator.

The Blossoming Tree™. A plan for making and taking your company's own future.

Approaches to business life (individuals and corporate cultures).
Plateaus of Futurism: • Continuity. • Change. • Choice.
Study such things as trends, developments, crisis preparedness, the human condition.
Changes are typified by multiple factors...not by one.
Assess the judgment of decision makers and significance-probabilities of developments.
Build scenarios: 1. Doing nothing. 2. Doing a little. 3. Doing a lot.
Knowing where to draw the line between what can be done and what is impossible.